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SOEl is a proud manufacturer and supplier of tofu and Abura Age(sliced and fried tofu) processing machinery and systems. Tofu and Abura Age are and always will be an indispensable part of Japan's food culture.
They are also international foods popular among many nationalities now.We are very honored and proud of embracing this culture with our fellow japanese and supporting it as a manufacturer.
With our reliable high quality products,SOEI is committed to support development of the industry and consumer safety.

Our machinery and systems are designed to accommodate the industry's versatile requirements of quality and specifications as well as high health and hygiene standards to secure consumer's safety.

As a Nichimo Group company,we share and value Nichimo's philosophy to always contribute to "the creation of an affluent and healthy life".and we are especially committed to make contributions in the field of food and diet.

SOEl continues to support the industry, consumers and local communities.

SOEI Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Profile
Company Name SOEI CO.,Ltd
Founding 13.06.2005
Paid-in Capital 300 million yen
Director Takashi Eriguchi President
Settlement Date End of March
Business Description

ManufactUre,sales,etc.of food processing machinery
(tofu and thin deep fried tofu (Age)processing equipment)

Head Office and Plant


July 1979 Akira Takai establishes Soei Sogyo CO., Hirooka-machi, Kanazawa City
April 1980 Commences manufacturing Perfector boiler(spherical)plants
August 1985 Builds new office in Tatsunokuchi-machi, Nomi-gun
April1986 Manufactures thin deep fried tofu (Age)automated processing equjpment
February 1989 Manufacturers firm (Momen)tofu automated curding and molding equipment
June 1989 Develops firm (Momen)tofu on-belt packing equipment
October 1989 Becomes Soei Co.,Ltd.(President: Akira Takai)
September1991 Develops thin deep fried tofu (Age)dough fryer automated feeder for molding
February 1993 Develops soft(Kinu)tofu(belt type)continuous curding processing line
June 1993 Manufactures Momen(firm)tofu continuous curding processing equipment
April 1998 Hitoshi Takai assumes presidency
June 2002

Manufactures firm(Momen)tofu continuous curding and molding equipment CIP washing system

April2004 Develops and manufactures firm(Momen)tofu compact processing line
October 2004 Hitoshi Isobe assumes presidency
June 2005 Newly inaugurated as SOEI Co.,Ltd.(wholly-owned subsidiary of Njchimo Co.,Ltd.)
October 2005 Increases paid-in capital to 300 million yen

January 2009
IDevelops Deep Fried tofu curding system(Neo Star)
June 2013 Takao Yamaguchi assumed president
June 2017 Takashi Eriguchi assumed president

TEL:0761-51-5400 FAX:0761-51-5404
Soei co.,ltd.