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New Technology Frontier

<As we are a food-related company, we will think of the environment for global environment conservation.>
SOEl has as its corporate mission to constantly challenge new technologies.
SOEI listens to our customers and continuously makes improvements and enhancements to polish technologies.
SOEl is proud of the fact that we have always responded to customer demands and its customers have willingly used our equipment.
Consequently,SOEl boasts countless industryls first and original equipment.

Success Plant Perfector
Soymilk Cooker           “Perfector”
It keeps rotating to stir the soymilk inside,completely eliminating uneven cooking/boiling!
Bucket type curding system
Bucket type curding system
The quality of curding decides the quality of tofu,thin deep fried tofu and other processed tofu products.
Carrier press machine
Carrier press machine
The model with the simplest operation!
Soei's tofu machines convey our faith,passion and creativity to serve you.
Success Road
Firm Tofu Line
   “Success Road
Unmanned continuous momen tofu manufacturring system.
Long-waited unmanned fully automated line.
Star Road
Deep Fried Tofu Line
    “Star Road
Unmanned continuous thin tofu deep frying system
It eliminates human. intervention completely from the entire line.
Tenparl Fryer
Tenparl Fryer
Automatic thin tofu deep fryer.
Reputed uniform frying quality!

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