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Success Road

Momen(firm)tofu continuous unmanned processing equipment
Equipped with unmanned, uniform and central control system functions like the Silky Road, this new plant is an advancement from the Silky Road, which can perform the three operations of curding,cutting and packing with a single unit, to enable the four operations of curding, cutting and packing also for momen (firm)tofu to be performed with a single unit.Moreover,continuous processing for thick deep fried firm tofu (nama-age)and thick deep fried soft tofu(kinu-age)is also possible by simply conneding a fryer. The Success Road is also the industry's first unmanned processing line.

It continuously curds soymilk into wobbly tofu.
  • Curding,press forming,cutting and casing all in a singleline.
    All four functions integrated in one system.

  • A single person can operate the entire line from processing to packing.
    No professional skills are needed

  • It performs all the steps including packing on the conveyor.
    Filling water is clean and hygienic.

  • It makes even soft tofu processing easy, eliminating tedious conventional procedures.

  • Touch panel console is easy to view and operate.

Breaking device allows your choice of softness/hardness.

Hygienic because of the on-converyor casing

It feeds clean water later.

Tofu transferring device
  • It can continuously process various items such as square tofu,triangle tofu or diced one.Just turn a switch to shift from one item to another.

  • We offer an optimum production system most suitableto your product lines.

  • It reduces production time and a product defect rate significantly

  • It will have a continuous cooling function when connected to a freezer.

  • It manufactures both deep fried tofu and deep flied silken tofu.

Triangle tofu liner

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